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Irdaned BV does not accept any liability for the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information in the material. Recommendations are not to be considered as offers to buy or sell the securities in question, and Irdaned BV accepts no liability for transactions based on information presented in the material.

Information on previous returns, simulated previous returns or future returns presented in the material cannot be used as a reliable indicator of future returns, and returns may be negative. Information on price developments presented in this material cannot be used as a reliable indicator of future price developments, and price developments may be negative. If the material contains information on a specific tax treatment, it should be borne in mind that the tax treatment depends on the investor's individual situation and may change in future. If the material contains information based on gross returns, however, fees, commissions and other costs may reduce returns.

Irdaned BV and/or other companies relalted to Irdaned BV may buy, sell or hold positions in the securities referred to in the material, just as these companies may be involved in corporate finance activities or other activities for companies referred to in the material.

The material may not be reproduced or distributed without the prior consent of Irdaned BV.

Investment research and marketing material

Research available to the public or distribution channels produced by Irdaned's analysts is considered as investment research.

Recommendations to the public or distribution channels concerning financial instruments not produced by Irdaned's analysts are treated as marketing material. The material will be marked "marketing material" and should not be considered as investment research, for which reason no prohibition applies to trading in financial instruments referred to in the material prior to distribution.